Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jakarta Noise Fest #1.

Jakarta Noise Fest #1 finally successly done by Wastedrockers and New Wife Records. it was held August15th 2009 at DT studio in Fatmawati Street, Jakarta. it's a studio in a basement, cool gig actually. 2 Stone Well Sound Records artist perform at this "hot" gig, the space-dream-nu age, DUCK DIVE and the experimental fast and loud, SANGKAKALA. the last one perform with GABAH MATI JASUS and 2 more additional players, Jojo as the 6 strings handler and that street-jazz drummer that i don't recall his name (sorry).
they released free download album with all the performers in it.

Jakarta Noise Fest vol.1

01. Serigala Jahanam – Mistit Girl (live)
02. The Crowded Room – Swallowtail (live)
03. Proletar – Bergerak di Bawah Garis Hasrat & George War Bush (live)
04. Duck Dive – Untitled (live)
05. Kelelawar Malam – Kelelawar Malam (live)
06. Aneka Digital Safari – Anal Sub-Machine (live)
07. Kalimayat – Live Improv 15-08-09 (live)

All song was recorded 100% live at DT Sound, Jakarta, August 15th 2009
Produced by Wasted Rockers & New Wife Records
Package design by: Dede

to read the articels and download wastedrockers.com

great job guys!!