Friday, January 23, 2009


Style : Electronic, Experimental
Release : 2009

Schadenfreude is a solo project by our artsy friend Danny Osborn or Obon. Was named roxy (from a specific place where you can get pills without prescription in jakarta, Indonesia) when first started. after a few gigs and months of recording, changes name into Schadenfreude, a german word; a feeling of happiness from other peoples misery.

The sound of Schadenfreude - Over.Dose : you're driving a highspeed hoovercraft on a river of pure electronic waveform colide with experimental beat and sounds covers with sparkling digital beat.

Tracklist :
1. Welcome
2. Beating
3. Against A Giant Again
4. Pure Life
5. First Season of Fish Dance
6. Ear Fucker
Download : Schadenfreude - Over.Dose

Friday, January 2, 2009


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy Our first Mixtape.

Tracklist :
1. Sun Araw - Thoughts are Bells
2. Magic Lantern - Feasting on Energy
3. Barn Owl - Road to Bardo
4. The Orb - O.O.E.B
5. The Alps - Trem Fanstasma
6. Les Rallizes Denudes - La Mal Rogue
7. Christine 23 Ona - Fantastico
8. Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Cursed Air
9 . Feathers - Skara Brain
Download : Stone Well Sound Records Presents : Mushroom Fields #1


style : Ambient, Experimental
release : 2009

A prehistoric summer pop sounds in the future of tape magnetic islands. Coreographed walls of noise in this album reminds you of your childhood night skies when you couldn't sleep because of fever. Dreamy yet prolific and original.

Track list :
1. White Wind
2. Summer Entities
3. Charm, Bed, Tonight, Gold
4. Silver Dawn for the Moon Children
5. Titicaca Fog
6. Krishnavath
7. Coffee and Biscuits to God
8. Cameroon
9. Trout
10. Baby Sharks
Download : Duck Dive - Parfumed Salad