Friday, January 23, 2009


Style : Electronic, Experimental
Release : 2009

Schadenfreude is a solo project by our artsy friend Danny Osborn or Obon. Was named roxy (from a specific place where you can get pills without prescription in jakarta, Indonesia) when first started. after a few gigs and months of recording, changes name into Schadenfreude, a german word; a feeling of happiness from other peoples misery.

The sound of Schadenfreude - Over.Dose : you're driving a highspeed hoovercraft on a river of pure electronic waveform colide with experimental beat and sounds covers with sparkling digital beat.

Tracklist :
1. Welcome
2. Beating
3. Against A Giant Again
4. Pure Life
5. First Season of Fish Dance
6. Ear Fucker
Download : Schadenfreude - Over.Dose