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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jakarta Noise Fest #1.

Jakarta Noise Fest #1 finally successly done by Wastedrockers and New Wife Records. it was held August15th 2009 at DT studio in Fatmawati Street, Jakarta. it's a studio in a basement, cool gig actually. 2 Stone Well Sound Records artist perform at this "hot" gig, the space-dream-nu age, DUCK DIVE and the experimental fast and loud, SANGKAKALA. the last one perform with GABAH MATI JASUS and 2 more additional players, Jojo as the 6 strings handler and that street-jazz drummer that i don't recall his name (sorry).
they released free download album with all the performers in it.

Jakarta Noise Fest vol.1

01. Serigala Jahanam – Mistit Girl (live)
02. The Crowded Room – Swallowtail (live)
03. Proletar – Bergerak di Bawah Garis Hasrat & George War Bush (live)
04. Duck Dive – Untitled (live)
05. Kelelawar Malam – Kelelawar Malam (live)
06. Aneka Digital Safari – Anal Sub-Machine (live)
07. Kalimayat – Live Improv 15-08-09 (live)

All song was recorded 100% live at DT Sound, Jakarta, August 15th 2009
Produced by Wasted Rockers & New Wife Records
Package design by: Dede

to read the articels and download

great job guys!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Great noise night at 26th April 2009. satisfy your ear with mental music.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Duck Dive is going International. he is one of the 18 artists that compiled into one small album called "BOARD MUSIC COMPILATION" c120 one of the product of global village Fangs&Arrows that claimed can take you on a slow ride through internet.

Released only on tape format. this is a grand list of bedroom-dreamer jams, tropical drone jams, new-age mind barf jams, and sharks being born underwater jams. (that's what they said)

for more information :

we'll keep you informed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


After talking for days turn into weeks turn into months, finally Stone Well Sound Records held a secret showcase at ROOFTOP, located in Jaksa Street. Duck Dive, Schadenfreude and Eat Me took the stage and 2 times collaboration. Great night! about 15 people came. just like Tony Wilson said once "Smaller number, bigger effect".

Have fun with this two live recording tracks. Live @ ROOFTOP

Tracklist :
1. Schadenfreude & Duck Dive - Untitled A
2. Schadenfreude & Eat Me & Duck Dive - Untitled B
Download : Stone Well Sound Records #1 Showcase @ ROOFTOP

Friday, March 20, 2009


Style : Noise, Outsiders, Experimental.
Release : 2009

Sawi (Eat Me) and Wing (Maverick), plus Ali (RW06) are the three most brainiac youngsters ever. They formed Sangkakala as if they want to make a secret sect's gospel band that combines free psycho-absurdism and super primitive primate powers. Fast and vicious chest-pounding beats with tireless throat blasting mantras. If you're a big fan of mutant orangutan core, then this is definitely for you.

Tracklist :
1. Akal-akal Sehatku
2. Mengalahkan Mike Tyson
3. Menyodomi Suatu Surat Berantai
4. Menyudahi Akal Sehat
5. Sumpah Primitif
Download : Sangkakala - Berondong Lautan

Friday, January 23, 2009


Style : Electronic, Experimental
Release : 2009

Schadenfreude is a solo project by our artsy friend Danny Osborn or Obon. Was named roxy (from a specific place where you can get pills without prescription in jakarta, Indonesia) when first started. after a few gigs and months of recording, changes name into Schadenfreude, a german word; a feeling of happiness from other peoples misery.

The sound of Schadenfreude - Over.Dose : you're driving a highspeed hoovercraft on a river of pure electronic waveform colide with experimental beat and sounds covers with sparkling digital beat.

Tracklist :
1. Welcome
2. Beating
3. Against A Giant Again
4. Pure Life
5. First Season of Fish Dance
6. Ear Fucker
Download : Schadenfreude - Over.Dose